What’s the Difference Between Using a CBD Tincture and A CBD Capsule?

What’s the Difference Between Using a CBD Tincture and A CBD Capsule?

The market is flooded with CBD products, and tinctures and capsules seem to be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, there is so much mixed information on the web that it’s hard to decide whether a CBD tincture or CBD capsule is the best product.

The truth is that one product isn’t necessarily better than the other. It’s more about the individual person and their distinct needs. As a result, this article covers everything about CBD tinctures and CBD capsules, including the pros and cons of both.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. There are many species of cannabis, but manufacturers most often isolate CBD from the hemp and cannabis plants. THC-free CBD has been refined to eliminate most of the flavonoids and cannabinoids, and 0.3% THC CBD has been extracted while preserving all the compounds of the cannabis plant. Both THC-free CBD and CBD with 0.03% THC are federally legal dietary supplements.

After scientists found the many cannabinoids in cannabis, they discovered the human body has a special system that interacts with cannabinoids. It’s called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), and it is part of the central nervous system. It has cannabinoid receptors that bind with cannabinoids like THC and CBD. That’s why CBD and THC affect everything from cognitive functions to inflammation; they directly interact with nerves.

What are CBD Tinctures?

Tinctures, in general, are herbal supplements that have been infused with alcohol and sometimes other ingredients like flavors, different oils, and more. They often come in small bottles and have a high concentrate of CBD.

People enjoy CBD tinctures for several reasons, such as:

  • Versatility: Tinctures can be used by themselves, in drinks, and foods like dressings and baked goods. It allows the individual to have fun, and they can even make their own tinctures. Tons of recipes are available on the web that incorporate tinctures into everything from smoothies to ice-creams.
  • Dosage: Taking consistent, regular doses with tinctures is much easier than other CBD products, because the same amount of CBD is in each dropper. With other products, the user cannot guarantee they are taking enough CBD nor a consistent amount of CBD.

That said, there are some disadvantages of using tinctures which include:

  • Manufacturer honesty: The only way to ensure a tincture has precisely what a seller says it does it to review their spec sheet if they have one. If they do not offer a spec sheet that list all the ingredients in their tincture, then it is possible that very little CBD is in the product or other undesirable ingredients are in the product.
  • Taste: Some tinctures taste bad. Sellers try to mask the taste, but there can be a bitter after taste, and a thick oily texture in your mouth.
  • Digestion and Potency: Anytime CBD is consumed through a food product like tinctures, edibles like gummies, and so forth, some of the potency is lost during digestion. Some defenders of CBD tinctures state they’re effective because the oil is absorbed under the tongue, but the majority of the oil goes to your stomach. Your stomach is very absorbent but it doesn’t absorb oil well.

Although many publications and experts weigh in on the CBD oil vs CBD capsule debate, few offer a truly unbiased evaluation of both products. While CBD tinctures offer many advantages, CBD capsules have their place too.

What are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are dietary supplements in a pill type form that are most often gel capsules that release the CBD oil once the pill has been swallowed. Manufacturers of CBD capsules create the oil first, which is usually limited to just a few ingredients, then it’s injected into soft gel capsules.

The advantages of capsules include:

  • Versatility: Like tinctures, capsules are very versatile. They can be bought over the internet or made at home where ingredients can be limited. They’re easy to take on the go too.
  • Dosage: It’s easy to take the same dose consistently.
  • Minimal Ingredients: Most manufacturers use very little ingredients in their CBD capsules. This is great for those who have food sensitivities, or those who want don’t want to ingest some of the ingredients in other CBD products.

CBD capsules come with a few disadvantages too, such as:

  • Digestion and Potency: Like the tinctures, some of the CBD’s potency is lost during digestion.
  • Determining dosage: Although it’s easy to take a consistent dose, figuring out how much CBD is in each capsule is a little complex. It takes dividing the total number of milligrams in the bottle by the number of gels. Plus, users cannot customize their dosage according to their needs.
  • Manufacturer Honesty: As previously state, look for a spec sheet to ensure the seller is honest about all the ingredients in their product and the purity of their product.

Choosing the Right CBD Tincture or CBD Capsule

The key to deciding whether a CBD tincture vs CBD capsule product is best is considering lifestyle factors, preferences, and distinct needs. It may take trying both products to decide which one is best for the individual.

Another thing the user needs to consider is whether or not they want THC-free CBD or CBD with 0.3% THC. While THC has just as many benefits as CBD, there are state laws governing the use of low-grade THC. Furthermore, THC will show up in a drug test, which could interfere with employment. This needs to be considered before purchasing either a tincture or capsule.

In Conclusion

CBD tinctures and CBD capsules seem to have equal pros and cons. Both products can lose potency but allow the user to take consistent CBD doses regularly. Tinctures may taste bad depending on the product and determining the amount of CBD in each capsule is a bit tedious. That said, every person has to consider what will work for them. It’s quite possible both products can be used at the same time; tinctures enter the bloodstream faster and capsules can give a more extended release of CBD.